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A discussion for The Azure Blades' Friday non-MMO game nights. Offer suggestions, discuss tactics for next week, or whatever.
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By Sydious a Aug 14, 15
Final Fantasy XIV
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Discussion for Ensis Azorium, the Azure Blades' branch in Eorzea, on the Balmung world.
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By Drazzen Ilesere a Sep 7, 17
Free Company story lines for Roleplay and generic roleplay forum.
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By Sydious a Mar 18, 14
Orders from the Free Company Commanders (In Character)
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By Drazzen Ilesere a Sep 14, 14
Personal biographies of members of Enses Azorium and their individual backstory.
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By Sydious a Mar 18, 14
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By Drazzen Ilesere a Jul 30, 17
Friends and Allies
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Friends and allies of the Azure Blades looking for groups or group members, announcing events, and just stopping by to chat.
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By Griseus Mar 21, 13
Star Wars: the Old Republic
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General Discussion for SWTOR
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By Ardo a Dec 15, 15
Going to be on to level to 55, run an op/HM FP, or PVP, and want to have a group ready? Post a notice here or reply to one already here!
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Discussion of the SWTOR storyline. Spoiler alerts are in full effect at all times, but please try to use spoiler tags for the "big" reveals.
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By Omaclaro a Apr 15, 13
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